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**New Biodanza Course**

 Bridport, Dorset


2020 Dates: Tuesday Evenings 7:30 pm to 9:15 pm, 6 week block, postponed until further notice - Coronavirus governmental advice


6 progressively planned classes, cost: £70 (to pay by BACS or cheque contact Julia on joysofdance4u@gmail.com) 


or to pay by Paypal £75 via 


Beginners' Biodanza classes are an introduction to this form of movement. They work with rhythm, expression, connection, fluidity, fun, vitality, integration and relaxation.

These classes are progressive, each week building on the previous classes.

Anyone can dance and gain the benefits. Invest in yourself - only you can !

What does a class look like? Each class is 1 3/4 hours in total. About 10/15minutes starts with an introduction to aspects of the form and a space for questions and sharing about the week before. Followed my a 1.5 hour movement session which builds vitality then slows down into movements for relaxation and regeneration.

What do I wear? clothes that you can move easily in and layers, some times you will be warmer (vital dances) and cooler (relaxation dances). The floor is a bit uneven at the chapel - you can wear non- slip socks or flat, soft soled dance shoes, if barefoot self awareness is needed.

Where: upstairs, yellow room in the unitarian chapel in the garden, DT6 3JN,   https://www.ukunitarians.org.uk/bridport/

Open PDF 

'About Biodanza'

For basic information

Q:Can I drop-in to the beginners' classes?

A:  I encourage you to commit to the group, to yourself, to the practice by attending a block of classes. The best results from Biodanza

come from regular weekly classes.

Dr Marcus Stueck has carried out extensive Biodanza research and 

significant positive results were found after 10 consecutive weekly classes of Biodanza.


His research www.biodanza.org/bionet.pdf

Marcus Stueck


Biodanza works with the lines of human potentiality as observed by its creator, the late, Rolando Toro Araneda - let's explore these over time. The five lines of Vitality, Creativity, Affectivity ( heart based reverent connection), Sexuality and Transcendence.