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Cycle 5 dates of the Biodanza Training


Please note that the first 19 weekends are experiential for your development.


What can you expect in a weekend? 

4 vivencias (dance sessions) each 2 hours long; 2 theory sessions; varied Saturday evening social event; 1 sharing circle and closing. Meals: self-service breakfast; lunch and dinner are cooked for you. The Saturday and Sunday programme commences at 9am. The weekend starts at 7pm, arrival from 6pm.


The weekends will be organised by Co-Director of the Dorset School of Biodanza, Julia Hope Brightwell and taught by Julia or a visiting teacher. We will invite other teachers to supplement your experience. We already have Milarepa Malc Burgin and Paola Jardim interested in teaching. It is a requirement of the training to have some training taught by other teachers and it gives a more rounded experience. Co-Director Niraj may join us to teach, if he is available.


If you haven’t done 50 hours of Biodanza prior to undertaking the training you will need to attend all the first 6 weekends as these will be geared for integration. People with enough experience or training elsewhere may join the ongoing group midway to complete their training (subject to our capacity/numbers). 


Biodanza is focussed on the healthy part of ourselves and the dances and music amplify these parts to create a transformative experience over time. Biodanza is not a therapy (though it has therapeutic effects); please be aware that you may need complimentary therapy alongside the training if you have had past trauma.


The weekends will be set at  Evershot, Dorset DT2 0PH  (up to 12 participants) or Monkton Wyld, Near Charmouth, Dorset, DT6 6DQ (13 to 20 participants). The nearest train station to Evershot is Yeovil. The nearest station to Monkton Wyld is Axminster.


The Dorset School of Biodanza is unique in being fully residential - this allows a much more nourishing experience and a deeper immersion in the experience. Accommodation is shared, unless requested at a supplement. At Evershot this will be twin or triple bedded rooms, doubles may be available for couples. At Monkton Wyld dormitory accommodation is standard, with single or double by request.


The weekends cost £230 all inclusive, you will need to bring your own towel(s), but bedding is provided at both locations. Non-residential places are possible at a £70 reduction on the residential price, £160 (this will not include overnight stay or breakfast).


If you wish to pay annually for the training up front (each January), the cost is reduced, please contact Jewell on biodanzawiththedorsetschool@gmail.com for more information.

Booking must be made at least a  month ahead of each date (we cannot accommodate numbers beyond 12 without prior warning.



The modules will commence as soon as possible, but may not be in the below order. We will try and retain as many dates as possible and add 2023 ones to replace the ones impossible because of current pandemic


1) 27-29th March, Defining Biodanza and the Theoretical Model with Jewell

No weekend April, cancelled Coronavirus governmental advice

2) 1-3rd May, The “Vital Unconscious” and the Biocentric Principle with Jewell

(international festival 10-14th June) 

3) 26-28th June,  Human Movement  with Paola Jardim

4) 24-26th July, The “Vivencia” with Milarepa TBC 

No weekend Aug, 

5) 4-6th Sept,  Biological Aspects of Biodanza with Paola 

6) 2-4th Oct, Psychological Aspects of Biodanza with Jewell

7) 30th Oct -1st Nov, Identity and Integration with Jewell 

8) 4-6th Dec. ,    Physiological Aspects of Biodanza with Milarepa TBC



9) 15-17th Jan, Vitality with Milarepa

10) 19th-21st Feb,  Affectivity with Jewell

11) 19th- 21st March, Creativity with Jewell

12) 16th-18th April, Sexuality with Paola Jardim

13) 14th-16th May, Transcendence with TBC

No weekend June

14) 2-4th July, Ars Magna – Biodanza as a Healing Art with Jewell
 No weekend in August

15) 17th - 19th Sept, Contact and Caresses with Jewell

16) 15th - 17th Oct, Mechanisms of Action with Paola Jardim

 17) 12th- 14th Nov, Trance and Regression  with TBC
 18) 3-5th Dec, Biodanza & Social Action with Milarepa



19) 14th-16th Jan, Mythical and Philosophical Aspects of Biodanza with TBC


Methodologies -  learn how to teach

20) 11-13th Feb, Methodology I: The Music of Biodanza & Musical Semantics with TBC

21) 11th-13th March, Methodology II: The Biodanza Session I with Jewell

22) 15th-17th April, Methodology III: The Biodanza Session II with Jewell

23) 13th-15th May, Methodology IV: The Courses and Workshops with Jewell

No weekend June

24) 1st-3rd July, Methodology V: The Biodanza Group with TBC

No weekend August

25) 9th-11th Sept, Methodology VI: Individual Evaluation in Biodanza with Jewell

26) 14th-16th Oct, Methodology VII: The official list of exercises, instructions and music of Biodanza & Applications & Extensions with TBC