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The Dance of Life

Claire De Lune - Debussy


Biodanza is a guided dance/movement system that works with the 'Genetic Potential' and 'Vital Impetus'. We are all born with a genetic potential which with circumstances, events, relationships adapts to fit what is needed to be 'accepted' and 'loved'. Sometimes this means we put parts of ourselves away and this diminishes our happiness, health and joy of living.

Biodanza seeks to recover these hidden aspects by using dance and movement to express, liberate, release and connect to yourself, to others and to the music. 

The 'Vital Impetus' refers to the inner motivation to live fully. Every creature and life form innately seeks to exist and this impetus is a joyful one. See how the birds sing every morning, the plants flower and bloom, deep within there is an innate drive to live and create (offspring both physical and creative). This vital impetus, linked with vitality, is linked to instincts and if these have been suppressed or blocked, this life force can be reduced or blocked. 

Some people seem to have so much 'get up and go', 'enthusiasm for life' and resilience this vitality is a reflection of the vital impetus working well. However, lethargy, apathy, depression and other states are a reflection that this 'Vital Impetus' has been blocked or suppressed. Biodanza through movement can start to redress this. Over weeks of regular classes, dancing to uplifting music, celebrating each person's uniqueness and liberation this energy wellspring can be restored.

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The Biodanza Poem filmed by Katy Bullen

Published on Oct 27, 2016

For more information go to www.biodanzaworks.com