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Creativity - You are a Masterpiece

April 9, 2017


 In Biodanza we have a co-creating dance where the Sculptor creates a Sculpture - with reverence, caress and connection. At the end of the music /dance, the live sculpture become a statue and then all the sculptors walk around to view the living masterpieces as though in a gallery of life.


This is not only a dance in the line of Creativity, it allows Transcendence to occur - to see the divine in each other, how each part of the face and body is an expression of this person's soul essence and life lived. The dance also creates an affective link with each other as we gently, stroke, shape and create with the living embodiment of the partner you are with.




In our April Biodanza day workshop, we also explored using face paints to be creative through colour, design and image on our own bodies and faces - to adorn ourselves either purely creatively or symbolically communicating even more of our inner landscape.


The creative impulse can be expressed in so many ways....crafts, art, gardening, home making, business creation and so on and on. I believe it is an innate impulse to want to create and is strengthening for the identity, as self-expression and life force come alive in whatever is created.


The late Rolando Toro Araneda believed the affective link would make it impossible to harm others, noting that when separation and dehumanizing occur, only then could the atrocities of war and cruelty to others continue. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work.


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