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Why Biodanza?

April 17, 2017

I was pondering today about how I was feeling a bit low and not very well and it made me feel I want to explain a bit about the theory behind Biodanza and why I choose to participate in & facilitate it.


We all have an innate aptitude to be healthy & happy when we are linked to and listening to the wisdom of the body, gut instincts and respect the interconnected aspect of our existence. Environmental factors do have an impact and it is a fact of life that we will suffer pain, loss and stress at times, sometimes this is a constant experience.


The three systems of the body which includes the immune system are all interrelated & interconnected you cannot affect one without it impacting on another. Fortunately we have an amazing body that does its very best for you, to stay balanced and healthy and for some a few bouts of illness where the body releases toxins and uses all its energy to rest & repair is enough to keep healthy and happy.


The emotions are not separate, so when we experience trauma, loss, pain, stress and other emotional upsets this has a direct effect on the rest of our system. Our body does its best to rebalance, but continuous stresses and strains make it impossible for our body to deal with one before another occurs and in the end it just cannot take this strain. We have a medical system that deals with the symptoms, but Biodanza attempts to add good eco-factors continuously to act as a resource, replenishment of reserves and a buffer.


In short Biodanza amplifies health and by focussing on joy, fun, respect, care, love, contact, expression and connection in the midst of carefully selected music (that is not out of tune with the dances and body ), templates feel good experience.


So many people cancel my days and classes because they feel unwell or are having a difficult or challenging time, I always remember Niraj saying to me, if you are unwell or feeling down or depressed it is the very time you should be attending Biodanza. I never missed a single weekend of my training, even when I ripped my calf muscle I went on crutches for 2 months - I was fed up with sorrow and struggle and had committed to the path of ease and joy. 


I am not immune to the challenges, stresses and sorrows of life, my friend Tim died at only 43 in summer, my daughter has major anxiety issues, I am not well off, nor happily married - yet I thank the day I found Biodanza, I can keep focussing on all that us good in life, sharing this with others and celebrating our lives.


When I am in a vivencia I am totally present to that time and in that time I am so glad to be alive, feel immense gratitude for the miracle of individuality and the nest of community ...... I wonder why some people deem it inauthentic or fluffy..... perhaps because they don't understand why Rolando created it as a response to the war torn world he lived in and the negative effects of so called civilisation.



I want to be of service offering this blessing, as do all Biodanza teachers, directors of schools and regular participants.....I hope our community will continue to grow and that I can continue to offer this gift from a visionary, the late Rolando Toro Araneda

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